Overlanding Couple: Arnold and Nicole

Overlanding Couple Arnold and Nicole

Hello, and today I look into the experiences of Arnold and Nicole from Frankfurt,Germany. They’ve been all over the world, and now have began their journey in South America! Starting from Chile they bought a Ford F-150, and what seems to be a homemade camper. A very interesting Overland Couple! Enjoy.

The Interview

Wyatt: Can I get your names, ages, and where you used to work?
Arnold: Hello my name in Arnold
Nicole: and my name is Nicole, and we are nurses
Arnold: from Germany 
Wyatt: and you guys have traveled before correct? Where have you traveled to?
Arnold: oh we have traveled alot, completely Europe. More than thirty countries in Africa. Australia, and some places in South America 

Wyatt: Where did you get the idea and/or Inspiration for your travels?
Arnold: I didn’t get any idea or inspiration, it’s in me, in us. We like to travel, I have traveled since I was very young. I was very young, travel is not so easy you need to love to travel. Many people who travel for the first time are different they make mistakes.
Nicole: and it was our plan for twenty years
Arnold: and we are retired, that was also the idea. If we are old enough to travel.

Wyatt: Why did you guys choose your current vehicle?
Arnold: The important thing for us for the car is the four wheel drive and enough high clearance this is also very important. And to look for a car here in South America. We looked for this car because it’s very strong. And we wanted to have a cabin like this because there is a shower inside a toilet and we wanted some comfort [Laughter]

Wyatt: So have you ever broken down in this rig?
Arnold: yeah, every vehicle breaks and most problems are the tires. That’s every time the problem, not a big problem because you can fix everything and so other small problems. But we had one very big problem. We parked in a place in Chile and we spent the night 90 cm underwater, the water was up to here.(covering the whole tire)
Nicole: in the middle of the night, yeah.
Arnold: We woke up at two o’clock and the water was up to there. And we must drive out in this water. So the steering broke and it cost alot of money and it took alot of time to repair everything.
Nicole: yeah 

Overlanding Couple Arnold and Nicole

Wyatt: What are your thoughts on this form of travel? Do you like it?
Arnold: we like it, if we don’t like it we don’t do it
Nicole: We have fun and that is very important, if we have no fun we would stop

Wyatt: What are your best and worst experiences on this current trip?
Arnold: for this country?
Wyatt: yeah, well for all of South America 
Arnold: so we are now only in South America for four months so it’s difficult to say because it’s a short time here. We prefer – well we’ve only been in Argentina and Chile, but we prefer Argentina.
Wyatt: Why do you prefer Argentina over Chile?
Arnold: The landscape
Nicole: and the weather is better [laughter] it warm
Arnold: and it’s more relaxing, the people are more open
Nicole: yeah, more open, very friendly 

Wyatt: have you guys had any unexpected expenses?
Arnold: no
Wyatt: no? No major ones?
Wyatt: yeah? That’s good

Wyatt: If you don’t mind me asking do you guys have a weekly or monthly budget?
Arnold: no the budget depends on where we are, so not exactly
Wyatt: did you guys have one previously, when you were in Europe and Australia?
Arnold: no it was the same
Wyatt: the same? Yeah live as cheap as possible
Nicole: well we like to stay in free and wild camps

Wyatt: so would you say Overlanding is safe?
Arnold: I think there is no problem that someone wants kill us or something, that’s safe. But it’s not safe every time for robbery, so sometimes it’s not safe.
Nicole: yeah, and in the big cities  are a problem
Arnold: mostly the cities
Wyatt: that’s where you feel unsafest
Arnold: and you must be very careful
Wyatt: but in the country you feel perfectly safe?
Arnold: yeah especially here in South America. In Australia, we traveled three years in Australia, it is very safe, it’s no problem you don’t have to lock anything. Just really safe. There’s a big difference between Australia and South America
Wyatt: Do you guys have a favorite part of your vehicle?
Arnold: a favorite part?
Wyatt: a favorite part, a favorite thing?
Arnold: of this vehicle?
Wyatt: yeah of this vehicle.
Nicole: it’s very comfortable
Arnold: it’s comfortable
Arnold: yeah the shower [laughs]

Nicole: yeah you can sit, I like it. And our daughter wants to come to visit us. So we can sit three people in the front. And we have a very good air conditioning
Wyatt: everyone needs that [laughs]
Arnold:  no but it’s a very comfortable car
Nicole: yeah, yup, it’s good driving

Wyatt: to your friends back home would you recommend this form of travel?
Arnold: oh we are in contact all the time with our friends, because we’ve got the blog, and they read every time we blog. We have not a professional blog only a private blog
Nicole: it’s for fun
Arnold: yeah, it’s for friends and family to see where we are
Wyatt: and do you think you would inspire someone else to do this type of travel
Arnold: oh I don’t know
Wyatt: would you hope to do that?
Arnold and Nicole: Yeah
Wyatt: cool. Thank you for your time
Arnold: yeah its no problem

Overlanding Couple Arnold and Nicole

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