Who am I?

My Mission

Is to collect stories from travelers around the world, and share them to help inspire others

“Why should I trust you?” ,”Who are you?”.
Well it’s simple really! I am a seventeen year old from central California who left five years ago to travel the world with my family. However, we’ve only made it to Argentina! Over these past five years I have seen many different faces, all with different tales. So recently I decided…”why not create something to help inspire/inform new travelers?”. So that’s what I did! In the form of Interviews. With these Overland Interviews I aim to help inform the newer generation of travelers by sharing stories from REAL travelers!

Wyatt playing soccer in Costa Rica

Why Interviews?

Interviews…why interviews?

Because short, informative interviews are thé way to go! 

You want to hear about real experiences, real people just like you and me. Here at Overland Interviews I will bring you alot of the information you need to start your own Overland journey!

My Core Values

Sharing stories to help inspire new people to enter the world of Overlanding